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Dry socket is a painful, but avoidable side-effect following a tooth extraction. If all goes as planned, any pain should subside within a few days. A blood clot will form to protect the area left by your tooth.

In a case of dry socket, the clot has become dislodged and the nerve and bone are exposed. When this occurs, you run the risk of infection, and will experience intense pain.You may first notice a dull ache that may travel up to the ear. You may notice a bad taste or odor in your mouth.

When you have your tooth extracted, your dentist will talk with you about avoiding dry socket. The days right after extraction are when you are the most vulnerable to getting a dry socket. If you believe you have dry socket, contact your dentist immediately.
Your dentist will clean the socket and place a medicated dressing over the it. You may be given prescriptions to fight infection and relieve pain.

Certain behaviors can make healing difficult

-Drinking hot, warm or carbonated beverages
-Adjusting the the dressing on your own
-Using straws
-Certain medications

If you are concerned about dry socket from an extraction, our dentist, Dr. Amber Angel can tell you more. Please contact Angel Dentistry at 602-788-2008 to make an appointment or come by our office in Phoenix, Arizona.