While many individuals are familiar with whitening surface stains, internal dental stains can cause aesthetic issues too. Many people continue to live with their stained teeth because they are unaware of the possibility to bleach the inside of their teeth.

Stains that appear on the inside the tooth structure, known as intrinsic stains, can be caused by many things, including:

  • High ingestion of fluoride when teeth are forming, normally from birth to age 16
  • Facial or dental trauma that damages a tooth’s nerve
  • Regular discoloration through the aging process
  • Tetracycline used as an antibiotic when teeth are forming

Dr. Angel is happy to offer several ways in which a tooth can be bleached internally. The process for bleaching depends on whether a patient’s tooth is stained because of prior root canal treatment, or because it is in need of a root canal treatment. If internal bleaching is recommended, our dentist will place a bleaching agent inside the tooth prior to applying a filling. Custom whitening trays and other options are also available. Our dentist will help determine which type of treatment is best for you for internal tooth bleaching in Phoenix, Arizona.

To learn more about the long-term results, safety, and effectiveness of this procedure, we invite you to call Angel Dentistry at 602-788-2008; our professional team can help address any of your concerns and find you a suitable appointment time.