Following the extraction of a permanent adult tooth, a blood clot will form over the surgical site as a means of protecting the underlying bone and nerve endings. During the healing process, it is vital for a blood clot to form, as it acts as the basis for new bone and soft tissue growth. If a blood clot fails to develop, dislodges, or dissolves before the extraction site has healed, this is known as dry socket.

When patients experience a dry socket, it can expose the nerves and bone, resulting in a painful complication and requiring further treatment from our dentist. The first step towards treating dry socket is to call and inform Dr. Angel if you think you may have lost the clot from your extraction site. she may recommend over-the-counter medications, but that may not be enough. In some cases, protecting an exposed socket involves cleaning the area and packing it with gauze. You may also be advised to take an antibiotic to prevent infection.

At Angel Dentistry, we recommend that patients avoid smoking, using straws, and excessive rinsing of the mouth, as these may hinder the proper formation of a blood clot. Our dentist will provide follow-up care for your tooth extraction during your pre-operative appointment with us. Please call 602-788-2008 if you would like to learn more about dry socket treatment in Phoenix, Arizona, and to schedule your appointment.