We are pleased to offer post-surgical instructions for our patients who have received oral surgery. We encourage you to contact our team at 602-788-2008 if you have any questions on this information. Dr. Angel will do her best to provide instructions during your treatment, but here a few guidelines to which you may refer before or after your visit. These recommendations, of course, depends on the type of dental care you receive.

  1. Apply pressure on the wound by biting on the gauze. This will help to control any bleeding. Changing the gauze every few minutes for the first few hours and applying a cold compress will also help immensely.
  2. Eat soft foods. The surgical site will be sore for the first few days. We recommend eating soft foods until your surgical site has time to begin healing.
  3. Take pain medications. It is very common to experience some discomfort after any surgery. Please follow your dentists’ instructions on taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications.
  4. Visit your dentist. A checkup normally occurs one week after the surgery to remove any sutures and determine if your mouth is healing properly. Call us if there are any complications prior to your checkup appointment.
  5. Be gentle near the site of surgery. We recommend that you do not disturb the surgical site and avoid chewing or brushing directly on the site for at least 2 days following surgery.
  6. Avoid straws. It is important you do not spit or suck through a straw; the sucking motion can loosen or remove the blood clot that has formed around your surgical site.
  7. No smoking. Generally speaking, smoking is not beneficial to your oral health, and it can cause many complications during the healing of your surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns about our post-operative instructions for oral surgery in Phoenix, Arizona, we welcome you to contact our office today at 602-788-2008.