Are Partial Dentures the Right Fit for You?

Do you have missing teeth in your smile, but still have natural teeth in your upper or lower jaw? If so, partial dentures might be the right fit for your needs. At Angel Dentistry, we offer partial dentures for our clients in Phoenix, Arizona looking to be able to speak and chew with ease and confidence after multiple tooth loss.

How do partial dentures work? These replacement teeth are connected to a plastic base that looks like your own gum tissue. Partial dentures can either be attached to your own teeth from clasps on a metal framework or from more natural-looking connectors known as “precision attachments”.

To provide you with optimal performance, you will want care for your denture at home and periodic adjustments with our dentist to ensure an optimal fit. You will be given instructions on how to best care for your dentures. Adjustments are necessary as the mouth changes over time; bone, as well as gum ridges, recede and shrink. This affects your denture fit, and if your dentures don’t fit properly you can find yourself with sores and gum inflammation.

Should your dentures feel loose to you, give us a call and we will get you in for an adjustment. Should the denture ever crack, chip or break, our dentist will make sure they repaired as quickly as possible. At-home fixes are not recommended, as over-the-counter glues contain toxic chemicals.

Restore your confident smile by taking the best care of your oral health. If you would like to know more about partial dentures, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist by calling 602-788-2008 today. Dr. Amber Angel and our team are always here for your oral care needs!

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